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Brrrr! Winter in the vines....

Vintage 2018...

We finished picking our grapes in April with yield slightly down and grape quality as good as I have ever seen. The picking, as usual, was a full-on affair with friends and family helping to support the hard-working contractors. Everyone has a job to do, but we have a bit of fun, and we even sometimes perform like a “well oiled machine”!

It has been, and still is, so dry. We really need rain to infiltrate the soil and prepare our vines for next season. The leaves have all dropped so the vines are in hibernation at the moment. We now need to prepare for pruning in July and August and get some maintenance of trellis and irrigation pipes carried out. We also have a look at vine health at this time of the year such as Eutypa (Grapevine Trunk Disease) and cut off any diseased shoots. A very chilly job!

Recap- Winemakers Festival

The annual Bendigo Winemakers Festival was held in Bendigo’s Rosalind Park in late April. The weather was perfect and the day was a raging success. Our Glenwillow stand was flat out serving our patrons tastings of our great wines, and chatting to all and sundry. There were wineries, foodies and musicians from our local Bendigo and district which showcased the very best of food and wine in Central Victoria. Make sure you come next year.

New Release!

We have released our new 2016 Nebbiolo – what a ripper!!

Soft flavours of tar and roses with some delightful dark cherry fruit character. The tannins are quite soft and approachable. This wine is drinking very well right now, but will improve considerably over the next couple of years. Try it out…

Cheers and warm wishes for the winter season,


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